Museums and interpretation centres network

On 13 and 14 February 2013, the Technical Conference: Resources for Museums and the Heritage in the New Economy took place. It was an opportunity to reflect, as an open group, on the resources that the museum sector and heritage in general have in order to face the consequences of the deep social and economic crisis in which we are submerged.

As part of the programme, the 2nd Meeting of Cork Museums and Interpretation Centres was held with representatives of different museums and interpretation centres related to the cork sector in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, in the context of the Cork Territories project, headed by RETECORK and jointly financed by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment Affairs and the EAFRD.

The meeting defined the common milestones of these areas of cork dissemination: the need to inform about the sector and its environmental benefits for society and consumers, boosting innovation and the new —or less visible— applications of cork, promoting a culture of cork by means of festivals, trade fairs and other cultural events in the various cork-producing territories, public-private collaboration, pooling the tasks carried out by different work teams, creating travelling exhibitions of interest and use for everyone and designing joint European programmes.


• The administrative resource - Mr. Jusèp Boya
• The social resource - Mr. Gabriel Alcalde
• Participating museums: from hermeticity to complicity - Mr. Antoni Laporte
• Cultural tourism, between experiences and rituals - Mr. José Antonio Donaire
• New forms of financing: micro-sponsorship - Mrs. Cristina Riera
• The European resource - Mr. Albert Sorrosal
• The networks of museums and of industrial heritage in Europe - Mr. Eusebi Casanelles
• Cooperation and networking: the experience of the European Network of Cork-Producing Territories – RETECORK - Mr. Josep Capellà

On 2 and 3 July 2010, the international Património cultural, a cortiça e os museus meeting was held in Seixal (Portugal), organised by the Ecomuseum and Seixal Municipal Chamber with the collaboration of RETECORK. This meeting enjoyed the participation of representatives of different museums and interpretation centres related to the cork sector in Spain, Portugal and France.

During the meeting, the creation of an International Network of Museums and Interpretation Centres relating to cork was proposed, which could be situated in the RETECORK context and be of great importance with regard to aspects of local, touristic, ecological development and so on in cork-producing territories. This network would allow the cork heritage to be dealt with from an international point of view, as well as promoting the culture of cork, the co-operation and exchange of experiences between museums and interpretation centres, creating cork repercussion (doing away with the vision of a small, non-competitive sector) and cultural tourist routes, participation in European programmes, contributing to the suitable protection of the cork industry heritage and lobbying functions, among others.


After the meeting, in October 2010, the services of the ICRPC (Catalan Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) were contracted to draw up informative specification sheets for cork museums and interpretation centres. To date, the museums or interpretation centres of the municipalities associated to RETECORK or interested in joining this initiative are the following, grouped by country:

Centro de Interpretación de la Sierra de San Pedro Alas – San Vicente de Alcántara
Centro de Interpretación del Alcornocal – Muelas del Pan
Centro de Interpretación Etnográfica de Los Alcornocales – Alcalá de los Gazules
Centro de Interpretación P.N. Sierra del Espadán - Eslida
Museo de Identidad del Corcho – San Vicente de Alcántara
Museu del Suro – Palafrugell

Musée du Liège – Maureillas les Illas
Musée du Liège et du Bouchon - Mézin

Museo Storico delle macchine del Sughero – Tempio-Pausania

Ecomuseo Municipal do Seixal
Museo da Cortiça da Fabrica do Ingles – Silves