Actions taken

• Institutional contacts and recruitment of members

During 2010 work by the Network aimed at establishing institutional contacts and increasing the number of associates by recruiting new members has intensified.

Download Actions Taken RETECORK 2010 Institutional contacts

• Technical meetings, presentations and campaigns

Another of the RETECORK lines of work is participation in technical meetings, presentations and campaigns in favour of cork, its environmental values and its importance as the driving force for sustainable local development for many municipalities. One can differentiate the actions of the Network with associations and businesses, where it looks for consensus and joint promotion of cork territories as well as of corks as the best system for closing bottles at a qualitative, functional and environmental level, for example, by signing collaboration agreements; speeches, seminars and exhibitions, with which it aims to influence the target audience through events, such as meetings, participation at trade fairs, symposiums, roundtables and maintaining a close relationship with the media to disseminate key messages about the material, as well as of RETECORK corporate values and mission.

Download Actions Taken RETECORK 2010 Technical meetings

• Publication of information and promotional material

Within the framework of the project RETECORK, European Network of Cork territories, an instrument for sustainable development in rural areas, financed by the Fundación Biodiversidad, work has been done on the design of new RETECORK material and on the campaigns it is carrying out. The material available as a result of this grant is, among others, the following:

  • New RETECORK stand available in various languages.
  • Material for the promotion campaign for cork closed wines: roll up banners, bookmarks and good practice manual for the campaign.
  • Promotional material for the recycling campaign: informative postcards and good practice manual for the campaign.
  • New RETECORK presentation dossier in various languages.
  • Re-edition of the Network leaflets updated in various languages and edition of a membership card.
  • Re-edition of the RETECORK presentation file.
  • Edition of themes dossiers aimed at the media and others.