Actions taken

• Institutional contacts and recruitment of members

Throughout 2011, RETECORK has kept in contact with representatives of the various political groups of the Spanish parliament, the European Parliament, the Catalan parliament and the Andalusian parliament.

Through this permanent contact with political representatives, we would highlight three of the most significant events for the cork sector and, particularly, for the network: the meeting in Coruche, as part of FICOR, with representatives of the European Parliament's Committee of Agriculture and the Environment; the interview between André Bordaneil, the mayor of Maureillas-las-Illas, and Ms. Sanchez Schmid, member of the European Parliament; and the proposals for resolution and amendments to the cork sector approved by the Committee of Enterprise and Employment of the Catalan parliament.

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• Technical meetings, presentations and campaigns

RETECORK has been in contact and collaborated with companies and associations of a very diverse nature such as the European Network of Wine Cities - RECEVIN, the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Guadiana, the University of Extremadura and the shopping area group, Miquel Alimentació. Most of these contacts have led to a working relationship and these companies' commitment to cork.

We would also highlight the organisation and participation of the Network at trade fairs, courses, conferences and so on, both nationally and internationally, which have given good results in terms of awareness in the mass media.

During 2011, we continued sponsoring campaigns for promoting wine closed with cork stoppers and recycling cork stoppers, as well as developing diverse studies and reports, all through the pilot scheme Cork Territories, jointly funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Maritime Environment and the FEADER.

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• Publication of information and promotional material

As part of the RETECORK, European Network of Cork-Producing Territories, an instrument for sustainable development in rural areas project, which ended on 31 January 2011 and received the collaboration of the Fundación Biodiversidad, we have worked on the design and publication of new RETECORK material and of the campaigns that are currently running.

Thanks to the project Cork-Producing Territories. Cork and Cork-producing landscape as a base for sustainable development in rural areas, jointly funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Maritime Environment and the FEADER, we have also prepared graphic material for the Network.

At the following link, you can observe the list of informative and advertising material that has been made available as a result of these grants.

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