Actions taken

• Institutional contacts and recruitment of members

During 2012 and after the changes as a result of the most recent general elections, the work of the network intensified to recompose political alliances and so that the governing bodies could get to know and to take into account cork-producing territories.

In addition to meetings with deputies and senators at a state level and direct contact with associations in the sector and related to it, we would highlight two meetings and the repercussions that they could have at a European level: the first of them took place with Joana Agudo, a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), who stated that this body is evaluating the documentation on the decision that the European Parliament and Council must approve regarding the new uses of land and its emissions and in which, for the moment, cork oak forests are not listed as a specific ecosystem; thus opening a line of work for the Network. The second meeting was with the Euro MP, Ramon Tremosa, who expressed his availability and commitment to the sector but urged those who attended the meeting to forge a close collaborative, working relationship.

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• Technical meetings, presentations and campaigns

This year, the most noteworthy event with regard to other associations and/or companies is the collaboration agreement signed between RETECORK, Miquel Alimentació Grup and ICTA. On the initiative of the Miquel Alimentació Grup, it has been possible to launch a campaign in Spain on the recycling of cork stoppers as well as to carry out five forest initiatives in certain cork forests in Spain.

In addition to the Network's participation in seminars, courses, media events and so on, we would highlight the second edition of the CorkLab, a training workshop in the context of the Master's in Design and Architecture at ELISAVA, as well as the presentation of the publication CorkLab 2011 in La Pedrera in Barcelona.

RETECORK has continued with its task involving studies and reports as well as promoting campaigns in favour of cork stoppers, with particular mention of its presence at FITUR 2012, through the Cork Territories project and others in the international area.

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• Publication of information and promotional material

During the last year, RETECORK has continued working on the publication and constant updating of material linked to the Network, on promotion campaigns in favour of the use of cork stoppers, on the travelling exhibition and catalogue Cork Landscape. Mediterranean. Miscellaneous, the CorkLab publication, on experiences in design and architecture with cork and its own website.

You may consult this material in the Publications section.

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