Actions taken

• Institutional contacts and recruiting members

During 2013, the network has continued with the task of recruiting members and making institutional contacts. We would highlight the importance of this work, taking into account the fact that in mid-April there was a change in the governing bodies of the network, and the municipality of Coruche (Portugal) took over the presidency of the Executive Committee and the municipality of San Vicente de Alcántara (Spain), the General Assembly.

Of all the contacts made, we would particularly mention two meetings with the Ministry of the Environment of the Andalusian government to strengthen links and talk about possible future collaboration; the meeting with Dr. Martí Boada, a member of the evaluating committee of UNESCO's Biosphere Reserves, with RETECORK's intention that this institution should declare cork oak groves to be World Heritage; and the attendance at the presentation of the projects selected by the Fundación Biodiversidad in its most recent call, on behalf of the project CORKLANDTOUR. CORK, LANDSCAPE & TOURISM, which will be developed in 2014.

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• Conferences, technical meetings, participatory workshops and presentations

In 2013, as part of the Cork-Producing Territories project, jointly funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the EAFRD (the European Agricultural Fund for Role Development), RETECORK has been present in events held all over the Spanish cork-producing geography.

We would mention the fact that participatory workshops were carried out in various cork-producing municipalities with the aim that the social and economic agents and the administrations should look for new lines of work and sustainable exploitation of cork-producing territories, for example nature tourism.

In addition, the Network has participated in conferences such as La Mujer y el Corcho: asignatura pendiente in San José del Valle, Corcho Virgen del Alcornocal in Cortes de la Frontera, the V Jornadas Gastronómicas y Agroalimentarias "Parque Natural Tajo Internacional", and attended the I Congreso Ibérico de la Dehesa y el Montado in Badajoz. We would also mention RETECORK's participation in the organisation of the 2nd Meeting of Cork-Producing Museums and Interpretation Centres and the XI Festa de la Pela in Llofriu, Palafrugell.

Finally, apart from the Cork-Producing Territories project, the Network has attended events in Portugal and France, as well as the 3rd Mediterranean Forest Week, held in Tlemcen, Algeria.

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• Campaigns and promotion material

This year, RETECORK has collaborated with various associations to promote campaigns in favour of cork stoppers and recycling cork stoppers. This was done through signing agreements, such as one with the Vallformosa Wine Cellar, the Fundación VIMAR and CETEX, the Business Tourism Confederation of Extremadura, or through attending trade fairs and events such as ENOMAQ in Zaragoza and the closure of the El corcho preserva lo bueno campaign in Madrid.

In addition, during this period, we have continued working on the publication and updating of disseminating material, such as the manual for creating tourist products in cork-producing territory, the Young Cork Design leaflet, the fold up Municipios Corcheros, the Más allá del tapón catalogue or the story, El extraño caso del alcornocal misterioso; not forgetting a series of studies and reports of a more technical nature.

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