Actions taken

Throughout 2014 RETECORK has concentrated its efforts on the activities included within the framework of the CORKLANDTOUR project, Cork, Landscape & Tourism, evaluating the social and touristic importance of the corklands, with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

As it is a national project, work has only been carried out in Spain; nevertheless, the Network has continued to make itself known by means of presentations, official acts and fairs and building up membership in the other member countries: Portugal, Italy and France.

In the coming years the Network intends to extend the work already done on a national level to all the other corkland territories in Europe.

The activities that have been developed along the strategic lines of the Project have been set out below, for more information do not hesitate to contact Discovering the corklands.

• Assessment of initial situation: identifying resources and potential tourist infrastructures.

Thanks to previous projects RETECORK already had general information about the boroughs in the Network, including an inventory of all the protected spaces and nature reserves in Spain and a brief account of the visitor centres that devote space to the theme of the cork oak and its products.

To achieve the main objective of the CORKLANDTOUR project, and set out the main features of tourist interest of the participating corkland areas, the documentary information was updated, reworked and put together in such a way as to make it attractive, easy to read and accessible in the tourist formats that were going to be used.

There are currently 16 files on the boroughs, 24 on Nature Reserves and 7 on visitor centres.

Download Actions Taken RETECORK 2014, resources and potencial tourist infrastructures.

• Workshops to raise awareness and train those involved in working in corkland areas or connected with tourism there.

The CORKLANDTOUR project has generated participation in a number of meetings and events in which the project itself, its progress and results, have been presented to tourist professionals and others working in the corkland areas.

We can single out taking part in the International Cork Oak Forest and Cork Sector Conference, organized by the Biodiversity Foundation; in Jerez, European City of Wine or the Wine Tourism in Portugal/Brazil Fair held in Lisbon; also worthy of mention was the International Nature and Rural Tourism Congress that took place in Granada.

Download Actions Taken RETECORK 2014, meetings and workshops.

• Provision of support in developing tourist products in the different corkland areas.

The aim of this initiative is to ensure that tourism professionals know about the project and get involved by creating specific tourist products. Accordingly, workshops have been held with providers of accommodation, catering and tourist activities giving useful guidance about developing tourist offers suitable for the national and European markets.

Download Actions Taken RETECORK 2014, provision of support in developing tourist products.

• Development of a promotional campaign centred on the Corklands.

This has been central to the CORKLANDTOUR project and aims to provide a platform of tourist information material about the corkland areas.

A system of promotional material has been designed and includes: an edition of off-line material to set up links with tour operators and professionals, an edition of leaflets to distribute among the public, and the design of a platform containing information of interest for both for the general public and tourism professionals.

Contact has therefore been made and the corklands have been presented to private and public sector professionals in the tourism sector in Spain, France, The United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Download Actions Taken RETECORK 2014, development of a promotional campaign.

• Promotional Material within the framework of the CORKLANDTOUR project.

In order to reach the target range of interested parties (national and European tour operators, specialized media, public and private tourist information officers, and potential visitors), the Network has produced explanatory and promotional material about the corklands and the project itself, most of which is available in 7 languages: professional dossier and explanatory leaflet, usb report, press releases, and, of prime importance, the new online platform.

Download Actions Taken RETECORK 2014, promotional material.